Partners & Support

Named in TripAdvisor's "Top 5 performances to see in the UK", and rated as a five star event, Kynren is now one of the UK’s must-see events. Based in Bishop Auckland, in County Durham, Kynren attracts large audiences from across the UK and beyond and generates significant media interest and coverage.    

11Arches Park and Kynren offer a very unique and exciting opportunity for you to tap into our highly engaged and loyal customer base, and deliver an event that audiences will remember for ever.  We offer a range of bespoke partnership and sponsorship packages to suit all budgets, opportunities include:

•    A dedicated and loyal audience from across the UK

•    A highly engaged regional volunteer network

•    A unique audience engagement platform

•    Brand reinforcement through inclusion on our highly targeted marketing campaign

•    A track record of regional and national media exposure

•    Digital presence and engagement

•    Exclusive corporate entertaining packages

Looking to the future - 11Arches, the producer of 11Arches Park and Kynren has a long term commitment and strategy to develop them into a top visitor destination. Since its inception, we have continued to develop and enhance the Kynren experience; with the introduction of attractions and activities to engage visitors before the Kynren performance.  This year we are delighted to announce the launch of 11Arches Park offering a host of new attractions and immersive experiences for visitors. This development is set to continue over the coming years alongside the development of new events to take place at the venue throughout the year. 

This is a truly exciting time to partner with us and opportunities to partner with 11Arches on a more strategic level across all the events are also available.